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Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance

For your peace of mind, we strongly recommend that your systems are subject to regular maintenance. It is a recognised fact that a regularly serviced air conditioning unit will have a far longer lifespan, will have higher performance and be more energy efficient than a unit which does not receive Planned Preventive Maintenance.

We are able to offer you a 'tailor made' Planned Preventive Maintenance contract to suit your needs which will ensure that your systems are always working at optimum performance levels.

The installation of your air conditioning system is a major investment. Naturally you will want to protect your investment by both prolonging the life of your system and ensuring that the air conditioning units are running efficiently and economically. To achieve this we would suggest that you enter into a Maintenance Contract which will ensure regular servicing and will help achieve the longevity and efficiency of your system for many years.

It is our experience that the vast majority of expensive air conditioning repairs occur as a result of systems which have not been subject to any regular maintenance or servicing. Typically when being used in a residential environment we would normally recommend two service visits per year, but for more critical use, i.e. retail shops, server rooms and restaurants, we would normally advise that your air conditioning Maintenance Contract allows for more frequent service visits.

Look out for the following symptoms – they are the classic indicators of a poorly maintained air conditioning system:

  • Poor airflow
  • Stale odours
  • Loss of performance
  • Dirty appearance
  • Sludge in drain line
  • Increased energy bills
  • Prone to freezing
  • Leaking water
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Maintenance Proven To Save You Money

Costs of Running Your Air Conditioning Unit

Dirt buildup on the Air Conditioning coils will reduce your system efficiency. This will mean:

  • Bigger energy bills
  • Poor system performance
  • Short component life
Optimum Performance Levels

System Efficiency & Cleaning

As well as making sure your unit is working when you need it, maintenance and system cleaning is also effective in eliminating many micro organisms.

Industrial & Commercial

Proven Project Management

If there is an area where Fortuna is ahead of competition, it is project execution and management. The Company has been the trend-setter and a benchmark in the industry for early completion of projects. In today's age, where the competitive landscape has made it imperative to shorten project life cycle times, Fortuna's credentials in speedy execution of projects is a huge differentiator.

At the heart of Fortuna's project management skills are its people. Fortuna project engineers and managers ensure that each installation is ideal in every way. Micro supervision ensures that systems and checklists are in place, time schedules are adhered to and project coordination is well planned resulting in exceptional project execution every time.

The project leader and his team provide an excellent interface for the customer, consultant, architect and other associated agencies. The performance of the project team is evaluated at regular intervals as part of the corporate key result area of on-time delivery.